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What’s in a name?

One thing is sure in the Judeo-Christian tradition: we are not at liberty to call God by whatever name we choose. God has names which he has revealed to us, names by which he is to be designated. None of those names include ‘sharp God’ or ‘snake God’ which are the two possible translations of ‘kalougata’ - the Fijian name for God in extant translations of the Fijian Bible.

10 Dec 2008
- Fiji Daily Post prints Part 1 (the first installment) of the NFT Bible as a 4 page center lift out in the Daily Post Newspaper.

Kalougata, Blessing Or Devil’s Curse?

Sir James Ah Koy is at the forefront (Post 18/10) of a raging debate on a third and fourth generation curse on Fiji by the original translators using kalougata over 200 times in the Bible to mean “blessing”.

Gata means snake in Fijian as it does in Samoan, and kalougata literally translated is snake god.

Sir James believes this denotes the devil, and should not desecrate the Fijian Bible by appearing as the word “blessing”. He has even offered to help scholars find a new Fijian word for blessing and fund the printing of a new Fijian Bible without the offensive word “kalougata”.

Fiji senator wants Fijian editions of the Bible destroyed

11 May 2005 - A senator appointed by Fiji’s great Council of Chiefs and former finance minister has called for all current Fijian editions of the Bible to be taken off the shelves and burnt.

The Daily Post quotes Senator Jim Ah Koy as saying the word "Kalougata" used in the Fijian Bible is the cause of generational curses in Fiji because it represents the snake gods worshipped by the ancestors of present day Fijians.

Senator Ah Koy says he believes "coups, murders, rapes, violence, brutality, burglaries, incest, rebellion, homosexuality and other forms of social ills and criminality are a product of a generational curse happening mostly in the indigenous Fijian community."

He says all these things are brought upon the Fijian people by the constant use of the word "Kalougata."

Senator Ah Koy says "the devil has done a great job in perverting the Fijian Bible" so that every time Fijians wish somebody a blessing, they are "in fact calling down a curse on him."

He says the Bible Society should come up with new words to replace the offending words in the current Fijian Bible.

A former president of the Methodist Church deposed in the 1987 coups, the Rev Josateki Koroi, says he totally agrees with Senator Ah Koy.

Gata means snake in Fijian as it does in Samoan, and kalougata literally translated is snake god.