The Parallel Bible (Nai Vola Tabu SalaVata) is a publication of the NFT Bible and a Plain English Version (PEV) prepared from the Authorised Version (AV) also known as the King James Version (KJV) which was first published in 1611 (400 years ago).

The PEV is a special update of the AV/KJV containing a glossary of 1,163 words from the old English of the AV/KJV which have been substituted for their equivalent words in plain English, for this project. 

The paralell bible has on a verse-by-verse basis in a two column format, the PEV and NFT texts, side-by-side. 

This is the first time such a version has been prepared for printing using the Fijian language.

The Parallel Bible is now complete and now is available for download. The print hard-copy is in the final stages of proof reading, prior to first editon printing. The estimated release date is June 2011.

....extract from the new English-NFT Parallel Bible (Nai Vola Tabu Sala Vata)